How it all started...

Our story starts at NEO Restaurant in Bournemouth, a stone’s throw from the stunning Bournemouth Beach.

It was there, tucked away in the art deco style interior of NEO where our two gin-thusiasts begin their story.

With a combined 35 years’ experience in the industry, our fearless bartenders felt the burning desire to create their own gin…

There are over 600 different gins available in the U.K, Lewis & Przemek knew that the recipe had to be unique. So they hand foraged through the Bournemouth coastline for the secret ingredient: Wild Chamomile.

After months and months of countless distillation attempts, BH1 Original Small Batch Gin was born.

BH1 Gin. Created by bartenders, enjoyed by you.

Did you know that we are stocked in some of the best venues in the country?

Such as the 5 Red Star Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa!

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Our story