Smooth - Fresh - Complex



It all started 5 years ago when Przemek discovered that rather than vodka he much preferred gin! Przemek being polish this is almost forbidden. He then started a new challenge at the Chewton Glen Hotel where he had the opportunity to work with world best liquors. Together with the CG Team he started to redistill all sorts of alcohol and found a new passion in this and felt a desire to create his own gin.

Realising that there’s over 600 different gins available in the UK Przemek knew that the recipe would need to be unique. Przemek met Lewis in 2017 who after 12 years in the hospitality industry running hotels and restaurant had desire to create something new and exciting for his bars shelves. Together the two started developing a recipe, after months and months and countless distillation attempts they had created an outstanding Gin.

All good stories have a bar in there somewhere! Przemek and Lewis spent quite some time in bars in Bournemouth discussing the product and their dream. When asking the bar tender what’s the postcode for their taxi home they said “BH1” it was at that time they had decided on a name for their Gin.

We like to describe BH1 Gin as savoury, smooth with no after-burn followed by a tiny sweet note finish which makes it the perfect gin for martinis as well as G&T’s. We believe the perfect serve is with a slice of orange and a Thyme sprig.


The Perfect Serve

To make the Perfect Serve use the following measures:

50ml BH1 GIN
200ml Tonic
Sprig Of Thyme
Orange Slice

Winter Serve

To make the Winter Serve use the following measures:

50ml BH1 GIN
200ml Tonic
Small Cinnamon Stick
Star Anise